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Sportradar Integrity Services are the world’s leading supplier of sports integrity solutions to sports governing bodies, anti-doping organisations, clubs and law enforcement agencies to support them in the fight against betting-related match-fixing, doping and other integrity threats.

What we offer


Anti-Match Fixing

Through our unique Fraud Detection System (FDS), and other advanced Monitoring & Detection services, we monitor the entire global betting market and detect betting-related fraud in sport.

Our Intelligence & Investigation services offer support for our integrity partners’ match-fixing investigations and intelligence management.

Our customised Education & Prevention services and tools help our partners tackle and prevent match-fixing



Our Anti-Doping Services support National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs) and sports governing bodies in detecting and investigating anti-doping rule violations by making target-testing even more effective and cost-efficient.

We also provide strong education programmes in accordance with the upcoming International Standard for Education.


Due Diligence, Risk & Compliance

We provide background checks and detailed reporting on both organisations and individuals to help sports governing bodies, clubs, anti-doping organisations, law
enforcement agencies, private organisations as well as bookmakers and casinos make high-stakes decisions by finding weak spots, potential issues and threats to their sport and business.


Strategy & Policy

We offer tailored consulting and advisory services on procedural, organisational, legal and regulatory matters related to sports integrity, such as Integrity Audits, Legal & Regulatory Advisory Services, Betting & Integrity Briefings, Expert Testimonies, PR & Media Support as well as an Anti-Manipulation Code.


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