Sportradar Integrity Services

Sportradar Integrity Services are the world’s leading supplier of monitoring, intelligence, education and consultancy solutions to sports federations, leagues, clubs and state authorities to support them in the fight against betting-related match-fixing and corruption.

What we offer

With some of the world’s leading sport rights holders as our partners, including FIFA, NBA, NHL, IIHF, ITF, World Rugby, ICC, UEFA, AFC and CONMEBOL, we monitor odds movements and patterns worldwide to identify suspicious activities through our unique Fraud Detection System (FDS). The Reports generated by our FDS provide accurate data-driven insights into the markets of particular matches. They have been used as part of sports disciplinary procedures, criminal investigations and prosecutions.

In addition to the FDS and other Monitoring & Detection related services, we also offer Intelligence & Investigation services to assist our partners and clients in identifying and investigating integrity threats to their sport and business.


Sportradar’s Integrity Services also include state-of-the-art Education & Prevention solutions, which have successfully helped our partners to raise awareness and understanding of illegal betting and match-fixing amongst those involved in sport.

Last but not least, we offer comprehensive Consultancy & Regulation services, e.g. providing guidance and strategic planning advice for matters pertaining to the regulation of sports betting.


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