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The revolutionary first-party data marketing solution, ushering in a new era of sports fan engagement and acquisition

The digital marketing landscape is changing. The demise of third-party cookies is seeing a shift to first-party data. How organizations reach, engage and acquire sports fans needs to keep up.

Introducing Sportradar FanID, our unique end-to-end first-party data marketing solution for the wider sports ecosystem. Powered by the very first sports industry-specific data clean room and our proprietary sports-specific marketing activation technology, Sportradar FanID benefits rightsholders, brands and media with:

- Deeper fan understanding
- Increased engagement
- Hyper-relevant marketing
- New revenue streams

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Sportradar FANID
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The changing digital marketing landscape

Third-party cookies have been the cornerstone of targeted and personalized digital marketing for over 20 years. Yet, by the end of 2024 they will no longer be in use. Recently there have also been radical changes in privacy regulation and people’s willingness to share first-party data.

With these changes, we are seeing the industry shift from third-party to first-party data driven engagement. Innovative approaches, like Sportradar FanID, can sustain effective advertising to fans at scale.

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4 key first-party data capabilities

Sportradar FanID embraces the challenge of the new digital marketing landscape, connecting four key first-party data capabilities.

Data Collection

Grow your fan database and establish interests and intent with engaging tools that collect first and zero-party data.

Embedded into your content, the data collection tools transform your owned channels into a data acquisition machine.

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Data Connection

Create enriched fan profiles by sharing and connecting first-party and zero-party data in the first ever data clean room built specifically for the sports industry.

The latest confidential computing technology behind the data clean room ensures privacy safety, with the highest bars of privacy compliance exceeded.

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Data Activation

Engage fans at scale with highly relevant and effective marketing, using the enriched data profiles to fuel our proprietary sports-specific marketing technology.

From web to social, email to OTT, engage fans across the digital landscape with dynamic, contextually relevant content in real-time.

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Data Orchestration

Optimize the fan and sponsor experience with ‘next best action’ models deciding the most relevant marketing message to be seen by fans at the right time in the right place.

And rest assured that data activation is fully orchestrated throughout the Sportradar FanID solution with responsible data custodianship and closed loop measurement, all while being privacy safe.

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Sports Technology. Reimagined

Sportradar FanID is brought to you by the leading global sports technology company, uniquely positioned within the sports industry.

We have a global network of partners, including rightsholders, media-owners and brands. With more than 20 years of experience providing scaled data and technology capabilities to our clients.

Find out more about us here.

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