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Easy-to-consume API feeds that set the standard for depth and reliability

We’re the world leader in sports data, and we’ll help you use it to upgrade your entire content offering.

We work with everyone from start-ups to enterprise leaders, who use our data in new ways to engage sports fans.

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What to expect

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Sports data you can trust

More than 65 leagues and federations across the globe trust us to give them the highest quality data at the fastest speeds.
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One-stop solution

Don’t choose between quality and quantity. We cover a huge number of sports internationally, but we also pride ourselves on the depth of our data. From traditional stats to power a box score, to player tracking stats with XY coordinates.

We also have leading digital media, including easy to implement widgets, images and editorial, to bring your webpages to life.

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Which data package is right for you?

Not everyone has the same priorities, so not everyone needs the same data package. We built two that cover quite a few bases. But get in touch for a custom quote – including discounts if you license data for multiple sports.


App requirements

Real-time updates for all sports data across web, tablet and mobile apps

API request rate

  • Game feeds pulled continuously
  • All other feeds pulled several times each day

Max API requests*

Core Sports:

  • MLB: 5,000,000
  • NBA: 4,000,000
  • NHL: 4,000,000
  • NFL: 3,000,000

App requirements

Updates at key game intervals (for example every MLB game inning)

API request rate

  • Game feeds pulled every 15 minutes
  • Schedule, standings, and rosters pulled several times each week

Max API requests*

Core Sports:

  • MLB: 25,000
  • NBA: 25,000
  • NHL: 25,000
  • NFL: 15,000

We only charge fees during the active months for each sport, and they’re pro-rated for optional pre- or post-season coverage months.

* We base feed request limits on a rolling 30 days, where calls from the 31st day will fall off of the total number of calls requested.

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