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With major brands, such as Coca Cola, Audi and Visa, already investing heavily into esports to promote their non-endemic brands, media companies can capitalise on this by participating in the revenue streams generated through advertising. This means media companies must gain each user’s attention, offering them an immersive entertainment portfolio that caters towards their passion for esports.


Live Data and Statistical Information

Sportradar’s esports data solutions ensure that media companies have the perfect tools to cover esports as they do traditional sports. Our esports data feeds provide real-time coverage of all leading game titles and tournaments and reliable, in-depth statistics on CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

As esports enthusiasts are digitally native, they consume news and information in different ways. It is increasingly important to tailor content to their needs and location. Our solutions support several integration options – pick which fits best!

Product highlights


Live coverage of leading game titles and tournaments

Fastest esports data feeds available, provided in real-time

Comprehensive esports statistics including win percentage, kill/death ratio, head-to-head

Historical facts on teams, players and maps

Content provided in cooperation with ESL, guaranteeing highest standards

Choose from multiple solutions to integrate and provide data in the way you prefer


Enrich your fans’ experience with the fastest Live Score solution for esports, delivering the most reliable and accurate in-play esports data in the market including schedules, league standings and a point-by-point live coverage.


Meet your users demand for upcoming and historical match information with Sportradar’s recently developed esports Statistics Centre. From key facts like win percentage, kill/death ratio and assists to head-to-head statistics, player and team profiles, the solution provides anything esports fans are looking for.

Whether ready-made content solutions or pure data feeds – the integration choice is up to you

As esports enthusiasts are digitally native, they consume news and information in different ways. It is more important than ever to tailor the content 100% to customers’ needs and to address them exactly where they are located. Therefore, we offer you several integration options – choose the one that fits you best!




Get full functionality and flexibility

Our industry leading API offers a second-to-none integration option featuring the highest flexibility and capability with minimised sources of errors. You can integrate our esports data in the most dynamic way into your own infrastructure – seamlessly extending and enhancing all data with your own or third party content.

The API also guarantees an easy and hassle-free feed integration into your own UIs for the look and feel your customers expect. For more information about our API click here.



Ready to be implemented

Do you prefer ready-made esports content solutions that guarantee fastest time-to-market integration? Our esports Live Scores and Statistics Centres are available as hosted solutions that can be directly implemented into any media offer.

The fully customisable and responsive design enables you to present the entire content in your own look-and-feel across all common media devices – strengthening brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Customers, who already have Sportradar’s popular Live Score solution – well known for the broadest and most comprehensive live score coverage across 20+ sports – in place, can simply add esports to the existing solution.

Odds Comparison

With an estimated $1.81 billion revenue, betting is predicted to become a major turnover driver within esports. Sportradar’s esports Odds Comparison service is a great addition to our popular sports content solutions – letting your visitors get close to the betting action, enabling them to compare odds, follow current market trends, and easily find the best offer in the betting market. Best of all, with the integration of your choice of bookmakers, betting is only one click away.



  • Offer one-click betting on the broadest range of markets available
  • Establish strong partnerships with bookmakers, offering their markets to your audience
  • Benefit from betting revenues – generated by your audience
  • Choose from a broad range of bookmakers and integrate their odds as you prefer


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