Our mission

To empower the broadest range of businesses with state-of-the-art sports data and digital content solutions that fuel the passion of sports fans across the globe

Sportradar prides itself on deriving value out of sports data and content for a whole host of organisations and businesses. Whether to protect the integrity of sporting competitions, deliver real time statistics to fans, or provide brands with innovative partnership-activation opportunities, Sportradar is the ideal team-mate.

We now live in a world where speed, accuracy and reliability are expected. Our peerless menu of in-house controlled data and content, along with our state-of-the-art solutions, gives our clients the custom-made products and services they need to provide customers and fans an engaging sporting experience that cannot be matched . Wherever they are and however they want.

This is what we at Sportradar live for. Sports fans ourselves, we funnel our own ideas, concepts, expertise and insights into developing, reimagining and improving the ways that sports come to life.

Our values

Our values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our partners, within our communities and with each other.


We live and breathe sport: from Counter Strike to cricket, and we are changing the way the world experiences sport. As fans ourselves, we are driven by our own desire for deeper insight and engagement. And we have championed the use of technology to protect its integrity. We take this sporting spirit into our work and don’t forget to play, socialise, and compete together.


Our goal is to keep surprising our clients with innovative and value-generating ways to bring sports fans closer to the contest. We look for people with the energy, flexibility and commitment to drive those changes and take on ambitious projects. Our dynamic growth has been built around people, teams and products that have challenged convention and we expect our teams to keep pushing these boundaries.


We won’t say it if we can’t deliver it! Our reputation is founded on the trust that we have earned by delivering to our partners around the world. Delivering promises is only possible with hands-on and result-orientated people that take responsibility. In return, we aim to be a reliable and trusted employer.


We are truly international; from Manila to Montevideo we operate on every continent of the world with ambitions to match. We are on the ground and understand the nuances that distinguish fans country to country, city to city. We are diverse, bringing the best of our collective to the benefit of the local. We are always friendly and supportive – we are ONE global team.

Our vision

The driver of ever deeper engagement in sport worldwide

The channels, platforms, media and applications that bring fans closer to the action are constantly evolving. Often at a staggering rate. And at the heart of all these is data and content.

We see a time when our name is synonymous with the best raw materials, and the most innovative ways, of converting them into engagement and value. A time when we are the most trusted provider of sports data and digital content that provides unparalleled insights into every game – giving fans the reassurance, credibility and excitement they demand. This also means striving to ensure that sport is fair. All competition survives on one central tenet: unpredictability of outcome. Spotting incidents where outcomes are manipulated, requires statistics and analysis. Until such match manipulation is wiped out, we want every interested stakeholder to count on us to give them the best tools to prevent, detect and investigate attacks on sporting integrity.

Sportradar gets the basics right when providing precision, stability and accuracy. We harness the far-fetched to drive innovation, market-leadership and buzz. While sport continues to evoke so many emotions in every corner of the world, we will continue to challenge ourselves to ensure that our clients are armed with the best ways to fuel those passions.

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