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Sportradar, the leading global sports technology company creating immersive experiences for sports fans and bettors. Established in 2001, the company is well-positioned at the intersection of the sports, media and betting industries, providing sports federations, news media, consumer platforms and sports betting operators with a range of solutions to help grow their business.

Sportradar employs more than 2,300 full time employees across 19 countries around the world. It is our commitment to excellent service, quality and reliability that makes us the trusted partner of more than 1,600 customers in over 120 countries and an official partner of the NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, FIFA and UEFA. We cover more than 750,000 events annually across 83 sports.

With deep industry relationships, Sportradar is not just redefining the sports fan experience; it also safeguards the sports themselves through its Integrity Services division and advocacy for an integrity-driven environment for all involved.

Rights Holders

Federations, leagues and competitions harness our cutting-edge technologies and services to unlock the full power of data and content – allowing them to engage consistently with fans while creating new revenue streams.

Whether it’s support in the creation of an entire value chain from data collection to distribution or leveraging specific solutions, we create bespoke packages of products and services to meet the objectives of any organisation, regardless of size or type.

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Integrity Services

Sportradar Integrity Services is recognised as the world’s leading provider of anti-matchfixing detection, prevention, education and intelligence solutions. Partnering federations, leagues, clubs as well as state authorities across the world, the team’s experts have also been called upon by conferences, media outlets, academic institutions, prosecutors and police forces to provide insight into the causes of, and solutions to, match manipulation.

With successfully resolved cases and tangible impact, Integrity Services is best placed to support or partner any stakeholder interested or invested in the future of sport’s integrity.

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Sportradar OTT

Sportradar OTT is a market-leading (Over-the-Top) solution that combines quality data with an all-in-one video platform that enables rights holders to deliver and monetise highest-quality sports video content and live streams.

With more than 15 years in the industry, the ethos behind Sportradar OTT is simplifying the relationship-building process between sports and fans by combining top-quality video with innovative data products. The result is a unique OTT experience for fans and platform owners, with more than 200,000 live sports events globally, delivering more than 150,000,000 video sessions a month.

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Sports Media

Sportradar’s Sports Media division partners with broadcasters, digital publishers, fantasy sports operators, social networks, tech companies and sponsors, offering them the most comprehensive and flexible sports data service in the market.

In a competitive sports media landscape, Sportradar’s data fuels every step of the fan engagement cycle from capturing social media traffic to content tools designed to increase visit duration and monetisation via our ad:s service.

Whether it’s raw data via our renowned API offering or specific products, tools and solutions to derive value – Sportradar can provide the tools your business needs.

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Since Betradar’s launch in 2001, it has developed into the world’s leading provider of sports betting products and services.

Betradar’s 360-degree portfolio includes everything a bookmaker, no matter how large or small, needs to run a successful business, including Betting Services, Gaming Solutions, Live Streaming and Betting Stimulation. A key part of this offering is Betradar’s signature sports trading and risk management solution, Managed Trading Services, and marketing and sponsorship solution, ad:s, both of which allow operators to engage customers and gain a competitive margin.

All products and services are entirely underpinned by the company’s comprehensive data coverage across sports and markets worldwide.

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The key to success – our core principles


Reliable Partner

– Trusted data providers to the betting and sports media industries
– 900+ sports betting operator customers
– Over 350 media companies use Sportradar products and services

Innovative Approach

– Dedicated products and customised solutions
– Focus on next-gen tech with our Acceleradar programme

Committed to Quality

– Award-winning support team, certified by TÜV Thuringia
– Guaranteed quality and security with in-house operations and technology developments

Global Setup

– More than 30 branches based across the globe
– Operational centres and sales teams positioned strategically, ensure international coverage

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