Sportradar’s Advanced API: Evolving MLB’s Experience

Sportradar, the Official Provider of real-time MLB statistics, has upgraded its MLB API for the upcoming baseball season. The updated API offers more data, accuracy, and stability to our clients at no extra cost.

New feeds

The updated MLB API has two new feeds that offer in-depth data and insights for fans, broadcasters, and fantasy operators.

The Event Tracking feed provides multiple Statcast statistics for a single game event, giving users multiple perspectives. With this feed, fans can dig deeper into completed plays and access nearly 100 player metrics, such as Hit Launch Direction, Sprint Speed, Attack Zone, and Perceived Pitch Velocity.

For example, after watching a game-winning home run in the ninth inning, fans can use the Event Tracking feed to find out the Distance, Exit Velocity, and Launch Angle of the hit, adding more context and information to the game narrative.

The second new feed is the Probable Pitcher Push feed, which provides real-time updates on who will pitch in the upcoming game.

For example, fantasy baseball players can use this feed to find out which star pitcher will be on the mound for the big game and adjust their lineup accordingly.

These new feeds are just two of the many updates which provide a more comprehensive and robust product to users.

New outcomes

The updated MLB API includes new Pitch and Runner Outcomes that reflect the rule changes that will be in effect in the 2023 MLB season.

For instance, the new limit of two pickoff attempts or stepoffs per plate appearance for pitchers, instead of the previous unrestricted attempts, is expected to bring a new dimension to the game by increasing the number of stolen base attempts and quickening the pace of the game. To reflect this change, the API’s new Runner Outcomes include options such as “Stole Second, Out at Third,” and “Stole Third, Out at Home,” allowing fans to follow the competition between pitchers and runners.

New sabermetric data

Fresh insights will be gained from the latest seasonal sabermetric player data that is added to our API, covering both pitchers and hitters. This data will encompass metrics such as Wins Above Replacement, Weighted On Base Average, and Fielding Independent Pitching.

Additionally, time zones have been incorporated into the API feeds for teams and venues, providing more context for fans worldwide to delve deeper into the game.

Equipped for the future

As the opening pitch of the 2023 season approaches, Sportradar’s clients – including broadcasters, publishers, media platforms, and fantasy operators – are ready to bring fans closer to the action. With the upgraded MLB v7 API, baseball enthusiasts can access real-time updates and insights, making their experience more immersive and engaging.

Followers can expect a thrilling journey filled with twists and turns as they cheer on their favorite teams. And while only one team will achieve baseball immortality come fall, Sportradar’s state-of-the-art technology ensures that every fan will have a front-row seat to the exciting season ahead.

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