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At the heart of every betting operation, trading and risk management is a core competency. And MTS is an enabler for you to strengthen your trading expertise, streamlining in-house processes and pushing your operations to new levels of success.

Why investing heavily in your own in-house trading tech, if you can benefit from a system that is developed with the insights from hundreds of operators and thousands of traders. All resulting in an outstanding setup that reduces daily complexities and efforts while increasing operational flexibility and security.

Equipped with cutting-edge tools, technologies, and market expertise that is second-to-none in the industry, MTS is your gateway to an end-to-end trading and risk management solution.

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With MTS you’ll be able to:

Trading from 100 percent to 0 – it’s your choice

MTS’ core characteristic is flexibility throughout the service. And with different types of operators having different pre-requisites – MTS can be tailored to any kind of setup. Which includes having the ability to adapt your choses trading model if and whenever you want.

Five scenarios of how you could leverage MTS:

1. You have your own expert trading floor in place but need the right tools to let it fully perform? MTS has you covered with unlimited access to all of our leading trading and risk management technology, which can be seamlessly integrated into any platform and environment. You retain complete control and, if preferred, interactions can be reduced to a minimum.

2. You have a sportsbook in place but no trading team at hand? MTS can execute your entire operations fully aligned with your business goals, enabling you to compete with all major bookmakers on an equal footing. This saves you from investing heavily in trading experts and tools, keeping costs at bay, and allowing you to focus on other core areas.

3. You’re new to the betting business but with the mission to become an expert in all core competencies? Managing your sportsbook can be a daunting task, especially in the beginning. However, MTS can guide you through the process as we share our expertise with your trading floor. We then gradually transfer responsibilities to you over time, empowering you to independently manage your business.

4. You have a trading floor in place but lack trading capacities or expertise for certain sports or leagues (e.g., long-tail sports)? MTS is the answer – you can hand over any part of your coverage to us and focus on the areas that counts most to your success. We will manage the rest to your requirements.

5. You only need specific parts covered? MTS enables you to granularly manage all of the bits and pieces of your operation as you want. Just require trading reports for the management? Only want to adapt your players’ profiles or look after your VIPs but not be bothered with the rest? Everything is possible – you decide what you want to do, and we cover the rest.

With our bespoke and flexible trading operations anything is possible. And that includes having the ability to adapt your chosen trading model if and whenever you want.

Need more operational independence?

If you need even more flexibility or autonomy for your operations, our new Insight Tech Services might be the right choice for you. Get full access to all our AI-driven trading, risk management and marketing models. Integrate them via simple API feed the way you want. Activate and deactivate them on the fly. And decide how to make most use of them.

No constrains or dependencies! Just a pure boost for your operational performance!

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