There is still time to upgrade your NCAA Tournament coverage with Sportradar

Companies wishing to enhance their NCAA tournament coverage and provide engaging and innovative digital experiences for basketball fans can still implement Sportradar’s easy-to-integrate solutions before tipoff!

The tournament is coming, and basketball fans are eagerly waiting for the 2023 edition’s tip-off. Whether you are a die-hard hoops enthusiast or a casual follower who dabbles in the office bracket, enticing storylines and unique data points are at the heart of how people enjoy this annual sporting extravaganza.

To capture the imagination of your audience and enhance their enjoyment of this storied event, your platform needs to provide comprehensive and engaging coverage of the tournament. Fortunately, with our lightning-quick integrations, there is still time to enhance your coverage with products designed to upgrade any tournament experience.


Radar360, Sportradar’s powerful analytics platform, offers access to current and archived data, providing unrivaled insights into performances and results on the court.

With an intuitive interface that accommodates customizable queries, enabling answers to be derived from pertinent questions, it is an ideal tool to help tell compelling stories and build an engaging narrative.

For example, you can quickly see how an athlete’s stellar performance stacks up against other athletes overall. You can also break it down further by adding filters for tournament rounds, positions, quarters, teams, etc.

This year, to provide even greater historical context, the platform has been updated with men’s tournament game starter data stretching back to the 1970s.


Dynamic widgets can be integrated within hours, providing every conceivable game-related statistic to keep users up to date wherever they are while providing a valuable second-screen option for fans watching the action unfold in front of their eyes.

Decorative NCAA visual
Decorative NCAA visual

Second screens are popular platforms for fans during the tournament, with social engagements having leaped by 33% for the 2022 edition in comparison with the previous record.i

In addition, during the 2020-21 campaign, 59% of college basketball followers tweeted about the sport for the first time during the end-of-season competition, demonstrating how important second screens are to new as well as existing March Madness fans.ii

Betting Widgets

While some of the latest odds are provided via Widgets, dedicated Betting Widgets show all relevant and exciting wagering opportunities surrounding the men’s tournament.

These include spreads, over-under options and more for each game, as well as odds on who is most likely to win across multiple books, tapping into an area of growing interest among sports fans.

Decorative NCAA visual
Decorative NCAA visual

The NCAA basketball tournament is a huge sporting event in the growing US sports betting market. More than 17% of American adults – or 45 million people – were expected to wager a total of $3.1 billion on last year’s edition of the tournament, according to the American Gaming Association.i

Additionally, betting customers are statistically more likely to follow live sports than those who do not place wagers. Betting Widgets can provide vital engagement possibilities for media platforms with established links with sportsbook partners.ii

Tournament Brackets

Betting Widgets are not only engaging for people who are looking to wager on individual games or teams. They can also be used by the public to fill out their own Tournament Brackets – an increasingly popular pursuit among casual and committed fans.

Private bracket contests have become a cultural phenomenon surrounding the tournament. Last year, 36.5 million Americans were expected to wager via a bracket contest or similar pool,i while according to new research, 55% of American adults would not be interested in the tournament without gambling on the tournament or participating in brackets.ii

Sportradar’s Tournament Brackets are available for both men’s and women’s competitions as widgets that can be published on a digital platform. This will give visitors near real-time scores and results – a particularly helpful tool during the busy first round, when 32 games will occur over March 16-17.

Ready for tip-off

Our product portfolio is ready to equip companies with a supreme opportunity to offer new content and a fresh tournament experience – and seamless product integration is possible within a matter of hours.

To find out more about Sportradar’s range of solutions for companies covering the tournament contact us today.

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