Introducing Dynamic Display – real-time personalised ads made easy

13 December 2022

Personalised creatives are key for your display campaigns to have maximum success, generating up to 40% more revenue than advertising without personalisation.*

But when you picture display advertising in the betting industry, chances are you think of cookie-cutter, pre-set creatives that need to be manually configured, uploaded and updated.

In fact, 67% of our clients have told us that the out-of-date and resource-heavy processes involved in creating these display ads are negatively impacting their business. And we estimate they cost the betting and gaming industry a massive two months in lost productivity every year.

So we decided to fix them.

Personalise your ads at scale

Introducing Dynamic Display, the newest member of our ad:s marketing services. It’s the only ad personalisation tool designed specifically for the betting and gaming industry.

Remove the manual effort

With Dynamic Display we’ve removed the manual effort from creating highly relevant digital advertisements. You will create real-time, personalised ads for individual customers that are aligned to your brand standards. That means improved ad relevance and increased engagement. And you can harness the power of automation to create strategic and highly targeted campaigns that will meet – and can exceed – your marketing objectives.

Boost return on ad spend

Increased relevancy, boosted engagement, and brand consistency across a huge scale – resulting in higher return on ad spend than you’d get from programmatic campaigns without personalised pre-set creatives.

Dynamic Display in detail

  • Innovative tech: Based on our Dynamic Creative Optimisation technology, Dynamic Display uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to engineer personalised ad creatives.
  • Powerful data: Dynamic Display gathers and processes data and customer insights. So you can boost the performance of creative and build connections with individual customers.
  • Unlimited ad variations: Easily produce ad creatives for thousands of global markets.
  • A flexible configuration: Display live odds, pre-match odds or both market types in creative form.
  • Connect with customers, old and new: Set campaign strategies for both prospecting and retargeting to engage with new fans and existing customers.

Ready to get started?

If you’d like to find out how Dynamic Display will boost your display advertising, please get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

* “Next in Personalization 2021 Report

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