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Find out when something suspicious happens. For free.

The Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) monitors the widest range of global sports, and our partners have trusted us to detect suspicious activity for over 15 years.

It’s free to all sports federations and leagues – always.

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Validated as reliable evidence and proven to deliver results

The UFDS has been proven to initiate or support successful sporting and criminal proceedings around the world time and time again for over 15 years.

Our work has led to over 8,000 matches across global sport being detected and reported to integrity partners as suspicious.

This in turn has played a pivotal role in the inception and support of cases which have led to the delivery of over 700 sporting sanctions and over 70 criminal convictions around the world.

Furthermore, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has in seven separate cases used evidence from the UFDS in support of its rulings. It is the only monitoring system to have successfully been used as conclusive evidence in front of the CAS.

Fraud detection that covers all bases

Monitoring the entire global betting market
The UFDS tracks more than 600 regulated and unregulated operators around the world. With over 30 billion odds changes monitored each year, suspicious patterns can be detected as they happen.

Account level bet monitoring
The UFDS crunches account level betting data from over 350 global bookmakers and brands across four continents - a crucial information stream for modern day bet monitoring.

Machine learning & AI
Sophisticated algorithms and machine learning models highlight irregularities in betting markets, with every odds movement tracked from the moment betting markets open, to the final action of the game.

Global betting market intelligence
Powered by the Sportradar Integrity Exchange, a bookmaker network of global betting operators who report irregular betting activity to the UFDS team.

Expert analysis
Our tech sifts through millions of data points a day, but it’s the human touch that puts the UFDS ahead of the pack. Our team of 50+ expert analysts investigate the context of every alert from our global hubs.

Notification of suspicious matches
You’ll receive a notification and report from our team once a match is classified as suspicious. Sporting bodies and law enforcement agencies across the world have used our evidence and testimony at disciplinary hearings and in criminal cases.

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UFDS Premium Services

Our passion for fair play is second to none.
We don’t charge sports federations and leagues for monitoring or detection. Ever. But if you’re keen to add more firepower to your integrity strategy we offer a package of services covering enhanced account management, reporting, testimony, training and more.

Your own senior partnership manager
Your single point of contact for all things integrity: real-time alerts, debriefs, information, intelligence and ad-hoc requests.

Premium reporting of all suspicious matches
Your investigation is only as strong as the information you have to hand. We’ve had our premium analytical reports rigorously assessed - and approved - by independent leading academics, and they have been proven to deliver results.

Monthly and annual activity reports
Expect to hear from us throughout the season, with reports full of stats and insights into the global betting market activity surrounding your competitions.

Match and athlete performance analysis
We’ll give you a qualified analysis of match footage across different sports, pinpointing incidents and performances that seem suspicious – both from players and match officials.

Expert witness testimony
If you’re carrying out an investigation, we’re here to support you from beginning to end. We draft expert witness statements, and we’ve provided key testimony at dozens of disciplinary hearings and trials.

Integrity training for your teams
We offer Integrity Stakeholder Training sessions, covering topics like sports betting theory, the history of match-fixing, how match-fixers operate, and much more.

Intelligence & Investigation support
We’ll help you with due diligence and background checks on potential integrity threats, as well as investigating online and social media player abuse and more.

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