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At Sportradar, we are steadfast in our commitment to place responsible and sustainable practices at the core of our business. We focus our efforts on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics that matter most to our business and create value for our stakeholders.

Our People and Communities

We strive to foster an inclusive and innovative workplace where every individual can thrive and deliver excellent service that redefines the sports fan experience and protects our sports communities.

We promote and protect the integrity of sport through our Integrity Services, which protects sport by providing a wide range of match-fixing monitoring and detection tools, intelligence and investigation services as well as education programs to sports leagues, teams and organizations, anti-doping agencies, state authorities and law enforcement bodies. Launched in 2004, Integrity Services works with over 120 organizations across the globe. Our passionate commitment to supporting the integrity of sport stems from our firm belief in the importance of a level playing field for all of sport. For example, in 2021 we launched UFDS (Universal Fraud Detection System), making a landmark pledge to provide our market leading bet monitoring match-fixing detection system free of charge to sport. In addition, in 2022, we are launching educational focused services for sporting stakeholders including leagues, teams and governing bodies, to protect the community’s wellbeing as sports betting grows exponentially in popularity in the US. For more information, visit out Integrity Services page.

As a global company with employees in 33 locations across the world, Sportradar’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity is clear. Sportradar strives to hire, develop and retain top talent by emphasizing diversity, inclusion and equity through initiatives such as our global Women in Technology Employee Resource Group.

Corporate Governance

We believe innovation and integrity are key to sustainable business practices. Our approach is underpinned by the conviction that ethics and good governance matter to our future success. Every Sportradar employee, consultant, partner and director, is required to read, understand and abide by Sportradar’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which promotes responsible business practices through our policies, principles, values and behavioral expectations our employees are expected to follow in their daily business activities.

Sportradar’s independent Board of Directors, through its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, provides focused oversight of Sportradar’s effective management and strategy for ESG-related risks and opportunities as they relate to long-term value creation for the company and its stakeholders. We also formed an employee-led ESG working group, comprised primarily of executive and senior management, that works to establish a relevant and effective ESG strategy and to develop, implement, and monitor initiatives and policies based on that strategy.

Sportradar’s governance and ESG-related policies can be found on our Investor Relations website.

Environmental Responsibility

As a data and technology company with a highly distributed, home-based workforce, we believe that we are driving operational efficiencies we can achieve that not only benefit our business but also reduce our waste disposal, energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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