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Unrivalled marketing success for ambitious sportsbooks​

In today’s world, for gaming operators to acquire and keep customers, they need focused and efficient marketing. That’s whether they’re in an established market or an emerging one.

The answer? An industry specific, multi-channel marketing platform, enabling more effective engagement, acquisition and retention of customers, which is exactly what you get with ad:s Marketing Services.

We have everything you need to achieve marketing success: programmatic display and video advertising, paid social, publisher products, sponsorship and more.

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ad:s Marketing Cloud

Programmatic Display

Right Message. Right Audience. Right Time.

Achieve up to 40% cheaper CPAs with our programmatic advertising platform, built specifically for the betting industry - and now used by over 100 sportsbook operators globally to optimize their media investments. ​

With more precise targeting and retargeting, you’ll deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, boosting the efficiency of your marketing and acquiring customers at scale.

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Programmatic Video

Boost your brand awareness with targeted video campaigns

Get more from your investment in digital media with our bespoke ad:s programmatic video offering. There’s nothing else out there with our igaming supply and algorithms, or our sports calendar targeting.

You’ll engage your chosen audience as they enjoy their second screen experience, with targeted video messages, delivered across multiple channels, including other video content, media and mobile games.

The offering is built on unique tech, and gives you unrivalled data-driven targeting and execution for all your video advertising assets.

There’s also greater transparency, and clear results at every level of the funnel.

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Achieving your video goals

We offer three tailored strategies to help you meet your objectives:

Premium: Delivered on premium content across selected websites or applications.

Reach: Optimized to reach as many relevant users as possible.

Performance: Optimized towards a high video completion rate.

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Paid Social

Hard working social advertising, without the hard work

Achieve significantly improved paid social ROI thanks to our unique blend of technology, creative capabilities and execution know-how.

Our best-in-class Sports Wagering Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs), automatically deliver creatives with the latest match-ups and odds, live on an operator’s site. These creatives are optimised in real-time to ensure that every fan receives a personalised creative execution, regardless of which team or sport they follow.

We also serve online casinos with an industry-first DPA product for online casino & iLottery, seamlessly delivering personalised branded creatives for each of the 1000s of games available on an operator’s service, which we can further enrich with running jackpot totals and upcoming draw dates.

Our unique offering delivers performance and efficiency, ensuring you can deliver on commercial goals across your verticals, while making significant savings in creative production and campaign management.

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Publisher Products

Achieve improved conversion of publisher sites

Access our premium publisher network and connect with sports fans across the globe with relevant ads.

A publisher toolkit that intelligently powers the integration of wagering content into your editorial workflows

Matching editorial and user data with contextually relevant betting opportunities

Just one line of code integrates everything, whether you’re using mobile, web or your own apps

Support for 23 different sports, 100s of markets and in-play

Multiple ad size options that allow you to place the units where you want

Deliver engaging brand marketing messages alongside odds in real-time

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Acquisition & Activation

Through unique data, insight and technology, we bring efficiency to sponsorship investment and activation strategies.

As part of our ad:s marketing services, we use local market insights and global data analysis to help identify, develop and activate official sports betting partnerships with rightsholders.

To help activate a partnership, our Publisher Products help sponsors acquire customers efficiently, while also giving the rightsholder relevant and engaging content for their digital channels.

We work directly with some of the leading leagues and teams in the world of sport - from the NHL, MLB and ITF to Paris Saint-Germain.

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Player prediction and retention services

Boost your players’ lifetime value

Knowing how your players are likely to behave in future can be the difference between success and failure. Make sure you’re never in the dark with prediction and retention services – only from Sportradar.

With over 85% accuracy (the standard BI accuracy is only around 55%), our AI-driven models provide you with the fastest and most reliable predictions and suggestions, driving your return on marketing investments.

What our models are able to perform:

Player Value Prediction – identifying the potential value of your players after 30, 90, 180 and 365 days

Player Churn Prediction – identifying the likelihood of a player making a deposit or churning in the next 7, 14 or 30 days

VIP Detection – identifying potential VIPs within only 14 days of activity

Custom Player Bonusing – identifying the best type of bonus, amount and time scale for your players

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Sports personalization

Give players what they really want

Take the guesswork out of personalization with “Bets you may like”. Recommend the most relevant bets for players – from old favorites to new hot tips.

Our model analyzes your player’s betting behavior (sport, league, bet type, stake wagered, channel, time of activity) then offers them the most appealing sport, event, and market to bet on. Supports pre-made betting slips on your website, and automated push messages.

What our models are able to perform:

Personalized recommendations – identifying the right bet for each customer, pre-match and live

Related bets – adding most relevant related events and bets to customers’ slips after they place a bet or as a suggestion when they’re browsing events

Similar games, leagues and more – suggesting related games, leagues, teams, etc. driving players to discover your catalog. Unlike other AI algorithms, our model automatically adapts to seasonality.

Real-time market suggestions – instantly offering personalized bets after a goal, corner etc.

Favorite teams, leagues and sports – showing players’ favorite leagues, sports, athletes, teams etc. across your entire offering, allowing them to discover it organically based on interest

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