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All eyes on your sportsbook: stream 400,000+ events from the industry’s largest portfolio

Our partners know a thing or two about keeping viewers’ attention: using our live streaming content, they get over 200 million views a month. Imagine what that could do for your betting turnover.

Live streaming is a game changer. Who wants to watch words and numbers scrolling up and down when they could be immersed in the action?

It’ll help you pull in the sport fans, then give them a complete live betting experience that’ll keep them coming back and build their love for your brand.

You won’t find a larger - or broader - video streaming rights portfolio anywhere else.

And thanks to our Live Odds coverage and Live Data Visualization, available for each of our video streams, you can make the most of it.

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What you’ll get

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Let customers follow the game – and place bets – all in one place.

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A unique combination of live streams, statistics and odds. All on one screen to drive more revenue to your betting shop.

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Enhance your in-play trading by supercharging the streams for your traders.

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Live Channel Online

Add video streams to your online sportsbook to attract new customers, boost your brand value and customer loyalty, and keep customers engaged for longer.

Our streaming portfolio is the biggest in the industry, with over 400,000 live sporting events a year across 17 sports, many of which your customers won’t find anywhere else. That includes action from the Bundesliga, ITF, NBA, MLB, NHL and more.

The coverage is optimized for betting, and you’ll find live streams running all day, every day, throughout the year.

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Live Channel Retail

Add your own branded TV channel to your betting shops to keep customers hooked on the action from more than 400,000 sporting events a year. That includes action from the Bundesliga, ITF, NBA, MLB, NHL and more.

You’ll be able to show a mixture of up to 17 live sports, or go for a single sport. All round the clock. All optimized for retail betting. And all at low latency.
As well as the live action your customers will see live odds and stats to guide their bets.

Plus you can add your own marketing messages for whenever there’s a natural break in the game (like half time in soccer).

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Live Channel Trading

Set your traders loose on the quickest streams, with the quickest signal.

With our ultra-low latency streams, they’ll be safe in the knowledge that they’re seeing the action up to eight seconds faster than any TV signal.

Plus there’s the extra level of security you get from seeing the live action, rather than just following the data.

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Mixed reality streams

Transform live streams with immersive 3-D animations.

Boost viewer numbers, engagement and live bets with a whole new viewing experience.

Add mind-blowing graphics to live video, and unlock angles and perspectives fans have never seen before – with little to no delay. It’ll set your streaming offer apart from the competition, encouraging fans to both watch and bet on your sportsbook.

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Convert sports-OTT viewers into customers. While our Live Channel products put live streams on your sportsbook to entertain and retain customers, emBET helps you make other people’s live streams your customer acquisition tool.

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