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Appendix – Tennis Australia
(Version 03 December 2021)

Tennis Australia Betting Addendum

This Tennis Australia Betting Addendum (“TA Addendum”) is entered into by and between the Parties and governs Sportradar’s license of official Tennis Australia data to Customer. This TA Addendum is incorporated into by reference, is governed by, and forms an integral part of the Services Agreement under which Sportradar licenses Tennis Australia (“TA”) data to Customer (the “Agreement”), and will run conterminously with such Agreement. All capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein have the meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement.

1. Compliance with Applicable Laws; General Requirements for Use.
a. Customer agrees:
i. to not make available, or facilitate the making of, markets that demonstrably present a risk of facilitating a breach of integrity that TA expressly directs should not be made;
ii. to not make available, or facilitate the making of, markets for any Data Events that the Tennis Integrity Unit (“TIU”) expressly directs (based on significant integrity concerns) should not be made;
iii. to not resell any TA data to any other person or entity;
iv. to promptly alert the TIU to any suspicious betting patterns;
v. to comply with the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the TA, TIU, and various Tennis Bodies which shall be updated from time-to-time;
vi. that Sportradar shall have the right to suspend Services and/or cancel the Agreement if Customer (1) is in breach of any terms and conditions imposed by this Agreement, (2) is engaged in any form of criminal conduct, (3) is directed by Sportradar, following directions from the TIU or TA (or any other successor tennis integrity body of the TIU to which TA is subject to or accountable) to suspend such Distribution where the TIU or TA (or any other successor or related organization of the TIU to which TA is subject to or accountable) determines that such Distribution presents a significant risk of facilitating a breach of integrity by or with respect to a player or Match and fails to do so within a reasonably practicable timeframe, or (4) is engaged in conduct that brings, or is likely to bring, TA into disrepute or reflect adversely on TA’s public reputation;
vii. to use industry best practices and technologies to prevent access of the TA data outside of the Territory or through channels other than the Customers approved platforms;
viii. that it shall only be allowed to promote the its use of TA’s official data through internet (including mobile) and email marketing, and shall do so using only text and still image and shall under no circumstances use or include in any advertisement and registered TA marks or event logos; and
ix. that Customer shall agree to follow all additional stipulations and requirements set out in Attachment A of this Appendix.

Attachment A
TA – Memorandum of Understanding

Participants includes staff, executives and officials of TA and its members (including member clubs, as appropriate), as well as all players, player guests, agents and manufacturers, officials and coaches participating in any of the TA events (“Events”) (and for the avoidance of doubt includes ‘Covered Persons’ under the Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Program).

Rules means, in respect of TA or any Event, any mandatory rules and regulations (including any mandatory Codes of Conduct) applicable to Participants in the Events (and for the avoidance of doubt includes the Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Program).

Operative clauses
1. Sportradar acting on TA’s behalf, may request from Customer, subject to any legal constraints due to applicable data protection privacy laws, and Customer shall promptly provide, all information relating to betting activity on the Events and any identification information held by the Customer (“Information Request”) in relation to:

(a) a Participant who is a client of the Customer or user of the Customer’s betting services;

(b) an individual whom TA has reasonable grounds to suspect is connected to a Participant and is a client of the Customer or user of the Customer’s betting services;

(c) where TA has reasonable grounds to suspect that the individual is in breach, or is intending to breach, or is in any way aiding or abetting Customer Platform or user of the Customer’s betting services whom TA has reasonable grounds to suspect has engaged in conduct prejudicial to the interests of TA during the term of this license and who may have relevant knowledge concerning corruption within tennis during the term of this license.

2. Any Information Request from TA must:

(a) identify in general terms the suspicions that give rise to the Information Request; and

(b) advise whether the Information Request is based on surveillance carried out by TA itself or on information provided by a third party which TA believes warrants further investigation.

3. If at any time during the Term, the Customer fails to respond to an Information Request, TA may direct Sportradar to suspend the TA Services and Sportradar will comply with such request by TA until the Information Request has been complied with.

4. Customer agrees to contact TA and Sportradar as soon as practicable in each case if the Customer becomes aware of unusual, out of the ordinary or suspicious betting trends or movements or other information which lead it to query the integrity of any of the Events, or any Participant.

5. Customer warrants it has the legal right to provide TA with personal information of its clients in the circumstances contemplated by this Agreement. If the Customer becomes aware of any change to any applicable law which prevents (or is likely to prevent) it from responding to an Information Request due to restrictions placed on the Customer, it will inform Sportradar in writing of any such restrictions.

6. If required by the TIU for integrity monitoring and/or investigation, during the Term, Customer shall execute a memorandum of understanding with the TIU including obligations set out in such specific directions to (a) alert the TIU of any suspicious betting patterns promptly; (b) make available to the TIU any betting-related information that the TIU requests, not only for intelligence purposes but for use in disciplinary proceedings; and (c) report regularly to the TIU if the personal information maintained by the Customer in connection with a betting account matches the identifying information provided to the Customer by the TIU of any Covered Persons or “Tennis Interested Parties” (i.e., those who register with the TIU pursuant to any registration program).

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