Targeting Promotion: A new era of sponsorship in football

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In much the same way sporting achievement and on-field standards have increased steadily over recent decades, the age of online and the growth of digital has meant brands and sponsors have had to move with the times to keep up with, and continue to stand out from, the crowd.

In days gone by, it may have been sufficient to simply appear on the front of a shirt or the backdrop to a press conference. However, the crowded nature of the modern digital landscape means companies need to work harder and smarter to engage with audiences.

The growth of digital has been something of a double-edged sword in certain industries, bringing an increase in competition and a tougher battle for attention but also offering greater opportunities for growth.

In marketing, advancements in technology such as AI and Machine Learning mean sponsors can increasingly arm themselves with a greater array of tools to get their message across.

The betting industry is one sector with a particularly saturated online advertising market but it’s one where operators are still managing to secure strong penetration. Shirt sponsorship remains popular with operators, while the shrewder bookmakers are also looking to automated digital advertising, player rights and wide-ranging packages to get their message across.

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