Sportel Monaco: Sportradar’s Steve Byrd on the Sports Gambling/Sports Broadcasting Paradigm

At Sportel in Monaco this week, Sportradar’s Head of Global Strategic Partnerships Steve Byrd discussed the current state of sports gambling as it relates to sports broadcasting with SVG’s Ken Kerschbaumer.

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By Ken Kerschbaumer, Editorial Director
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 – 10:36 am

In general, what is the interest in gambling here at Sportel?
A big part of Sportradar’s business that we do at this show is the streaming that we do: 45,000 live games a year to betting operators globally where you can watch either in the retail environment or online or on mobile devices. We’re here meeting the rights holders and acquiring the rights to be able to deliver that to betting, and we do that for every MLB game, every NBA game, and, starting this year, every NFL game in certain international markets. We just keep growing the portfolio, and the demand from bookmakers continues to grow for live video content as part of their marketing toolkit and to have moving pictures for the bettors to see, come in, and place a bet. It’s not a viewing experience like a full game you would watch at home, but it is intended to have data and information tied into the video and gives people more information, so they are more interested in betting on what they are watching. And that is a big growth business for us.

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