Sportradar statement in relation to Australian Victoria Police Football Match-Fixing Investigation

Sportradar can confirm that through our technologically advanced Fraud Detection System we have played a key role in initiating this investigation and we are proactively supporting the Victoria Police and Football Federation Australia with their enquiries into this matter.

At this stage we cannot comment any further on what is an on-going investigation.

Background information on Sportradar’s Security Services:

Sportradar plays a crucial role in assisting sports federations and law enforcement agencies around the world in fighting betting related match-fixing. Using the vast amounts of sports and betting data at our disposal, Sportradar created their Security Services to support some of the world’s largest sports federations with our market leading Fraud Detection System (FDS). The FDS provides our partners with unrivalled expertise to monitor betting markets around the world and identify betting-related manipulation in a range of sports. Additional information on Sportradar’s Security Services can be found here.

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