Out Now: Future of Media and Entertainment

Raconteur’s much-anticipated Future of Media and Entertainment report is published in The Times on May 16th and features a special interview with Sportradar’s Senior Vice-president for Technology and Product Development, Ashok Balakrishnan.

In the piece, entitled Sport is Ahead of the Game in Innovation, Balakrishnan offers a comprehensive review of the scale of change that has taken place across the broadcast industry over recent years as well as what can be expected in the near future and how data is being harvested and analysed to produce premium storytelling content.

With sports media leading the way in enhancing fan experiences and engagement, the wider annual report is also a must-read for multi-faceted stakeholders across the industry as it speaks directly to senior decision makers around the new priorities for modern content consumption.

From exploring the future of OTT television to examining the ethics of data privacy and taking a look at China’s expansion into Hollywood, this year’s report is a vital deep-dive into what is a complex shape-shifting landscape.

You can download the report for free and read the interview with Balakrishnan here.

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