One year on from PASPA

Carsten Koerl, Sportradar CEO

This week marks 12 months since the landmark Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision to lift the widespread ban on sports betting and turn the matter over to the discretion of individual states.

As the world’s leading provider of sports data, betting, media and integrity services, Sportradar has been continuing to work across the industry in the US to create a fair and secure legalised market for all.

The decision to open the US market to legalised sports betting has already made a huge impact on the sports and gaming industry, changing the US landscape with effects that can, and will continue to, be felt the world over.

Many continue to try and estimate the scale of the US wagering market, though this is a long game where the state-by-state development will continue to mean that this is not an overnight process and not for anyone who isn’t investing in the long term. Sportradar, for example, has forged strategic partnerships with several US sports leagues including the NBA, MLB and NHL.

We have also seen sports leagues, media, land and online-based operators combine to leverage the opportunity. Betting popularity and revenue continues to increase as state by state regulations are enacted.

But while progress has been made, there is still a lot of work to do.  As we said at the outset, it is crucial that all stakeholders, including the leagues, operators, regulators and law enforcement continue to work together to ensure a wagering infrastructure that balances the priorities and needs of the industry. This will involve continuing to enact suitable legislation that ensures benefits for all, while partnering with world-class systems that oversee and safeguard the integrity of sports to mitigate ongoing risks. A legalised betting market that is administered and regulated appropriately in this way is the only approach in developing a successful US wagering market.

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