Marketing Cloud: analytics that show you the full field of play

We’ve been busy working on something brand new, the ad:s Marketing Cloud.

Coming soon, the Marketing Cloud is our new custom built marketing portal that allows you to easily view and manage your programmatic advertising campaigns, with tools to max out marketing efficiency.

Here’s what to expect:

Campaign Dashboard: the complete highlights package for your DSP performance

Campaign Dashboard provides a big-picture summary of how your campaign’s doing.

Reporting Studio: go straight to the most useful metrics

Use Reporting Studio to create and download precise reports. Set your metrics, dimensions and filters and get the data you need – with no extra steps in the middle.

Conversion Report: the direct way to see whose attention you’re getting

This tool gives you detailed reports on all your user conversions – including the users’ AUIDs.

And there’s plenty more to come

We’re busy packing even more useful features into Marketing Cloud before it goes live. So keep an eye out for a release date, it won’t be long.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on all our future ad:s releases and what they mean for you.

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