Gibraltar FA Launch Intense Week of Integrity Workshops

This week the Gibraltar FA have called upon the expertise of Sportradar to deliver a total of nine workshops to the Premier League clubs as well as the league’s match officials in an effort to boost integrity awareness and to safeguard the football there.

At yesterday evening’s official Integrity Programme Press Conference, the FA outlined how the Programme officially started on Monday 20th April and will be wrapped up by Friday 25th April. In addition to the workshops, delivered by Sportradar Head of Education Danny Sears, the FA have also integrated an e-learning tutorial which will be available in English and Spanish and will need to be completed by all those players attending the workshops.

Speaking about the Integrity Programme at today’s Press Conference, Gibraltar FA President Michael Llamas had this to say: “We may be a small territory with a relatively small league, but we are just as passionate about our football as anyone else in the world. And just like anyone else passionate about sport, we are concerned about match-fixers and the danger they pose to our players and our sport. So far, we have been unscathed by this problem, but we are determined to make sure it stays that way. That requires commitment and it requires proactivity. That is what this Integrity Programme is about. As the slogan says, we are ‘Guarding Gibraltar’s Game’ and we are delighted that Sportradar have joined us in that regard. I have had the chance to sit in on one of their workshops and the information and the insight that they are passing on to our players and our officials is invaluable. I know that we have raised awareness and as a result, our fans can be confident in the integrity of the game we all love and follow.”

Sportradar’s Managing Director Integrity and Strategy Andreas Krannich also added: “Gibraltar may have only joined UEFA’s list of Member Associations recently, but I am humbled to see their commitment to clean and honest football. They have involved their league’s match officials; they have invited the youth teams; they have provided workshop materials in English and Spanish; they have requested an e-learning module in both languages. They are not cutting any corners. This is the model Integrity Programme and we are so excited that they placed their trust in us.”

About the Gibraltar FA

The Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) was formed as the Gibraltar Civilian Football Association in 1895, changing to its current name in later years. It is one of the oldest football associations in the world.
At the XXXVII UEFA Congress held in London on 24 May 2013, Gibraltar was accepted as a full member of UEFA.

For more information about the GFA, please visit:

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