German Handball League and Sportradar agree on data partnership until 2023

image_HBL The German Handball League (HBL) is proud to announce its landmark partnership with Sportradar, who have become the league’s “Official Data Partner”, starting with the upcoming 2015/16 season. Under the agreement, Sportradar will be granted the right to exclusively collect, archive and distribute “Official HBL Data” to both the media and betting industry as well as to the HBL itself and its teams. The partnership is designed for a period of eight seasons until the end of the 2022/23 season. The German Handball League is the highest men’s handball division in Germany and under the agreement, Sportradar will collect the data generated by both the first and second division, as well as the DHB Cup, the Super Cup and annual All-Star Game competitions.

Sportradar will provide and implement a tailor-made live scouting system for all events and will ensure the highest data quality through data processing control. Furthermore, Sportradar will also provide the HBL with its “Live Sports Centre” solution. The “Live Sports Centre” is a content visualisation tool with extensive live statistics which can be easily customised and implemented on all team websites. Additionally, Sportradar will also develop an official HBL mobile application for further data visualisation across smartphones and tablets. “Our recent partnership with Sportradar sets another milestone in the development and professionalization of the DKB Handball Bundesliga.

With their expertise in data collection and distribution, we will be able to further improve our internal processes and create new business models to underline our commitment to securing our position as the strongest league in the world”, said Frank Bohmann, Managing Director of the DKB Handball Bundesliga. Sportradar Managing Director Sports Data & Licensing Johannes Ranke added, “Handball is one of the most popular sports in Germany and I am very excited about the collaboration between Sportradar and the HBL for the coming years. It will be a great opportunity to develop cutting-edge data products and services and help to increase the awareness of the HBL and handball around Europe and the world”. Throughout the partnership, both sides will continue to work on further innovative technologies and business models to improve their current data collection and distribution process.


The German Handball Bundesliga (HBL) is the top handball league in Germany. Founded in 1966, the HBL currently consists of 19 teams which compete for the German handball championships. Since 2012, Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) is the league’s naming right partner and therefore the official name of the league is the DKB Handball-Bundesliga. Each year, the top three teams in the HBL qualify for the Velux EHF Champions League. The HBL also oversees the 2. Handball Bundesliga (second division), the HBL Pokal (the German Cup), the Super Cup and the annual All-Star Game. More information can be found on

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