Engagement and monetisation: How data will drive next-generation OTT

The SportsPro OTT Asia Summit takes place in Singapore later this week and, as an Event Partner, Sportradar is proud to be among the panellists for the ‘Engagement and monetisation: How data will drive next-generation OTT’ session.

Taking place at 4:10pm in the main room on Wednesday, March 27th, the panel will touch on a host of issues relating to OTT, including how best to monetise platforms, what role data can play for rightsholders and what innovation is happening in the space.

Speaking on the panel will be the following esteemed industry experts:

  • Matt Pound, Marketing Director, ITTF
  • Tomoi Kouchi, Senior Director, Digital Global Content and Media Distribution, NBA Asia
  • Laura Li, CEO Office Innovation Principle, Rakuten
  • Eoin Connolly, Editor-at-Large, SportsPro Media
  • Felix Blank, Director of Digital Platforms, Sportradar

Ahead of the event, Felix previews the panel appearance, Sportradar’s new approach to OTT and what is changing within the industry.

The OTT industry is constantly changing and innovating, which is why it’s so exciting to be able to put together this panel for SportsPro OTT Asia, featuring insight from some really influential figures who all have masses of expertise when it comes to the power of video content and OTT.

Even in the 15+ years that Sportradar has been in the OTT space, the landscape of video and media content has shifted considerably, with social media, mobile consumption and the proliferation of publishers highlighting the need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the pack and stand out.

One trend we believe in more than any other is the integration of data within OTT, as an increasingly efficient way of garnering fan loyalty and driving user engagement, with personalised data-driven content.

As a company we have expertise in both of these areas – our data infrastructure ingests billions of data points from more than 400,000 matches a year, while our OTT offering is served from a state-of-the-art uplink facility that manages more than 50,000 live events a year.

We provide data-driven OTT, designed for sport.

The combination of data and video enables rights holders increasing product and brand awareness, controlling the direct-to-fan relationship, establishing new and additional revenue streams, as well as the creation of an overall digital eco-system.

It also allows rights holders to directly appeal to the consumption habits of the modern fan, namely the ability to get seamless access whenever and wherever they are, in the most personalised way possible, with the addition of gamification aspects to help bring content to life.

Monetisation is obviously a key pillar of any content or OTT strategy, be it for rights holders, media or brands. Whatever the size of the organisation in question, tailored OTT content, coupled with the streamlined marketing opportunities offered by our new service ad:s, means there are ways to not just survive but flourish in an increasingly competitive and diverse field.

While industry data is key to us helping organisations reduce waste with their marketing and advertising processes as part of ad:s, sports data is a core element of our OTT product. Ultimately, the online video space is full of more content than ever before, meaning publishers and rightsholders face a real challenge in standing out from the crowd and, for us, data is key in that battle – both powering OTT platforms to drive engagement and organisations’ marketing efforts as part of the monetisation process.

I know that, with the vast experience of my fellow panellists, we’re set for a fascinating and insightful discussion and we’ll also touch on where the opportunities sit for sponsors and partners when it comes to activations and revenue streams.

The ITTF, Rakuten, SportsPro and the NBA are some of the biggest names in the field of audio-visual strategy and their representatives will be able to shed plenty of light on what I’d say is one of the more fluid and innovative sectors within the sports media industry.

If you can’t be there, be sure to follow live via our social platforms and the #SPOTTAsia hashtag, plus you can check back in after the event for some recap content.

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