Cricket betting to rise from the Ashes thanks to Sportradar – part one

The Ashes kicks off this week in Australia and joining the many cricket aficionados watching at all hours will be Sportradar’s Premium Cricket Services (PCS) team monitoring each and every ball closely.

As one of the sport’s most popular events takes place, Sportradar’s Head of PCS, Charlie Bruce sat down to discuss the company’s unique and dedicated approach to providing betting data for thousands of cricket games across the globe.

Since 2001, Sportradar’s world-renowned betting services, which offers a 360-degree one-stop solution for clients to maximise their operations, has grown to cover over 60 sports, including cricket.

As Charlie explains, cricket is somewhat of an anomaly in the betting space, meaning betting products and models have never really been explored, until now.

Dedicated to covering as many sports as possible, Sportradar recognised the growing financial pressure on cricket betting and acquired Charlie’s company, Coverpoint Analytics, 18 months ago. The company, based in London, had spent 15 years focused on a unique scientific, data-driven approach to developing mathematical models specific for cricket.

It has since established into Sportradar’s PCS team, whose work has seen the company’s ability within the cricketing space grow. Now it is the only product available that combines the models, data and know-how to finally crack cricket betting. Using this unique approach, the PCS team expect to unlock the vast potential that cricket betting offers.

What exactly do Sportradar do in the cricket space?

Charlie Bruce (CB): Sportradar’s PCS team currently operates primarily within the betting space. We provide complete betting solutions, which include long-term, pre-match and in-play. Also pricing for as many games as we can possibly get coverage for, which, at the moment, is about 1,200 games, more than anyone else.

We provide bookmakers in the UK and around the world with event creation information, we manage the prices before the game is played and during every single ball. So, for every ball, we update the prices for 200 markets, we manage all the liabilities, we suspend everything when it needs to be suspended, we activate as soon as it needs to be, and we settle all bets as soon as they are won or lost. For example, if you bought a player’s runs at 20 say, we’ll settle all bets as soon as they are won or lost.

Who do Sportradar supply their cricket data to currently?

CB: We judge ourselves by how many of the odds checker companies we support. At the moment, we’re reaching about half of those, and we’re currently in discussions with the other half within the UK. So, we’re really excited because, within a couple of years, we hope to be supplying every UK company with our cricket prices.

Beyond the UK, we’re now starting to reach companies in South Africa, Australia, and even some in countries that you wouldn’t expect, in the Americas and Europe, Estonia, for example. It’s quite exciting actually – we’ve been building this for a number of years and we’ve only had a few clients until recently.

Now we’re really starting to see that growth that we were hoping for. Hopefully in the next year or two we’ll have dozens of clients around the world, so that most people who enjoy betting on cricket will be benefiting from our services.

Can you explain why Sportradar adopted cricket in the first place and the story of the development of the PCS?

CB: I think it’s quite unusual within the history of Sportradar because Sportradar is a European company that has grown over many years and has continued to see incredible success for over a decade now across a lot of sports. But cricket was never really its primary focus, understandably, and so wasn’t ever high on the list of priorities.

The complex modelling requirements of cricket, combined with numerically-savvy audiences, makes it a challenge within the betting space. But, as the sport continues to grow, due to things like its popularity in India, and the success of Twenty20, the potential for bookmakers is enormous. This is why Sportradar have taken this approach and why we’re so excited to have the only product that can tap into this potential.

We now enjoy a totally dedicated cricket team in our London office, with 10 full-time cricket enthusiasts who spend their days buried in stats. The people who trade the games here, also build the models, analyse betting and results, and help create our unique system. So, it’s really their knowledge and experience that make the product what it is.


Stay tuned next week for part two of the chat with Charlie about Sportradar’s efforts in the cricket space, and what exactly the team will be doing during the Ashes.

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