5 must-cover soccer leagues!

With many soccer leagues returned or scheduled to return, and fewer live sports available to consume, soccer is seeing record-breaking engagement numbers across the board. Below are the five soccer leagues you need to cover to get the most return on your investment.

Active Leagues

Bundesliga (Germany): The Bundesliga has long been looked at as one of the world’s best soccer leagues. With their return in mid-May they have seen an increase in TV viewership, including an increase of viewership by 725% on FS1[1] alone on its opening weekend. Great soccer plus record-breaking engagement numbers are the perfect recipe for generating a higher ROI. Now is the time to cover the Bundesliga!

Leagues that are scheduled to start

La Liga (Spain) – Scheduled to Start June 11th: La Liga had one of the most exciting and unpredictable title races in years before the season went on hold in mid-March. When the season starts back up on June 11th it will be a wild race to the end with 110 games in 39 days, giving you a ton of content for very hungry soccer fanbase.

English Premier League (United Kingdom) – Scheduled to Start June 17th: The EPL is by far the most popular European soccer league in the US. In recent years it has seen large growth in TV ratings (an average of 34.6 million viewers over the last 6 seasons[2]) and attracts a younger audience (77% being Gen Z, Millennials, or Gen X[3]) than other popular sports in the US. With Gen Z and Millennials’ willingness to consume (four times as many Millennial and Gen Z fans consume over three hours of non-game sports content each week[4]) and pay (39% of Millennials are willing to pay for exclusive online sports content[5]) for content more than any other generations, covering the EPL is a no-brainer at this point.

Serie A (Italy) – Scheduled to Start June 20th: Serie A star-studded team Juventus FC is going for its record-extending ninth straight Serie A title. Because of this and the expanded TV coverage of the league via ESPN+, Serie A is a sure bet to generate a return on your investment.

MLS (USA) – Scheduled to Start in Early July: Many of the details around the start of the MLS season are up in the air, but one thing we do know is that it will be kicked off with a tournament in Orlando. With the growth of popularity in MLS (up 27% since 2012)[6] and the added drama of the tournament format, we can expect large to near record-breaking engagement numbers.

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