Learn how to detect ghost games and how to stop them

In late March 2020, it was widely reported that a number of “Ghost Games” took place in Ukraine on 25th and 26th March. On the 27th March and since, Ukraine FA and spokespeople for the clubs explained that the games did not take place. And yet, there still appears to be some confusion as to whether any match existed, if the match was fixed, or if it was both. Why is that?

In this whitepaper, you will learn more about what ghost games are and aren’t, why they take place, how to detect them, and how to stop them.

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“Indeed, whilst sites can be hacked and false information widely spread, the methods for ensuring matches are real are clearly assisted by the use of appropriate technology and techniques, not to mention the rise in globally accessible social media.”

Oscar Brodkin, Director of Intelligence and Investigation Services, Sportradar

What you will find inside

  • What ghost games are and how they differ from other forms of fraud, such as match-fixing
  • The four main reasons why ghost games and data fraud are serious issues and how they affect a variety of stakeholders
  • Previous ghost games that have been reported on, as well as a couple that have not been reported on
  • What to look for in order to detect a ghost game and how to effectively stop them before the damage is done

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