Report: Insights in action – a day in the life of a sports fan

See how Insights can engage and influence your fans into action

Grabbing sports fans’ attention is tough. Getting them to act (click, tap, buy or bet) is tougher.

Our latest report shows you how Insights helps you do both.

Using examples from a day in the life of a typical sports fan, you’ll see how Insights puts contextual information in front of your customers at crucial times. Inspiring them to take the action you want. And helping them get more from sports.

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“The Team Betting Trends Insight highlights that over the past three seasons, your team has won 80% of their games against last night’s opponents after a two-day rest. Perhaps the next time these two teams clash after a two-day rest, backing your reenergized team against the odds might be a sound move.”

What’s inside?

See how Insights can:

Influence a fantasy sports decision

Offer confidence to place a bet

Encourage ticket purchases and much more

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