Delivering Consumer Engagement at Scale

InHabit delivers relevant interactive sports content (ƒactives™) to any article instantly — significantly boosting user-interaction, retention and session duration.


The Future of Sports Editorial

Sport is a 24/7, always-on industry with fans actively seeking unique, compelling and fun digital content.
Factives are the answer to this demand. Say goodbye to fans aimlessly scrolling through articles and leaving the page within seconds having not engaged with your brand.
Offer them a new, exciting and truly engaging piece of content built specifically for the EPL, UCL, NBA, NFL and MLB.

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Increase in user retention


Increase in click-through rates


Increase in time on site


Factives completed per session

Key Features

Scale & Streamline Editorial Work

Attractive betting integration

Customer Profiling

Easy integration with one line of code

Constantly improving AI technology

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