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We are the NFL’s exclusive distributor for official real-time scores, player statistics and play-by-play data (Game Statistics and Information System/ “GSIS”) as well as the NFL’s proprietary Next Gen Stats. This partnership allows the NFL to distribute statistical data in new and innovative ways, across a variety of endpoints, including apps, social media platforms, and connected devices.

Next Gen Stats, the initiative first introduced in the 2014 NFL season, consists of real-time, location-based data such as speed, acceleration and distance traveled, for all players, in all games.  This unique information, alongside GSIS, is distributed by Sportradar to give fans a closer look into the game, and allow them to experience it in ways never seen before.  Insights from Next Gen Stats also are available for fans in-stadium, at home, and everywhere else that NFL content is consumed.



Statistics are core to the fan experience, and being able to broadly deliver new,
differentiated viewpoints is compelling.  Next gen stats is an exciting initiative that adds
tremendous breadth and depth to our sport. The ability to partner with Sportradar US,
with its focus on technology and high quality data distribution, enables the NFL bring
these great experiences to the rapidly growing sports data market and our fans.

Vishal Shah,
VP of Media Strategy and Business Development at the NFL

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